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Evdion Hotel

Evdion Hotel is located in the coastal village of Nei Pori, at the southern part of Pieria Region, Olympus Riviera, Greece.

Constructed and operating with great attention to the detail this family owned Hotel seems to make hospitality come true.

The hotel’s proximity to the beach (150m), yet its central position among attractions of high interest make it ideal for smooth beach holidays as well as for exploring this beautiful part of north Greece.

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Life is Cool by The Pool.

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Moments to be remembered.

Nei Pori Pieria - Evdion Hotel


Evdion Hotel is located in the village / town of Nei Pori, right on the sea side. Nei Pori belongs to the county of Pieria (capital city Katerini). Pieria belongs to the administrative district of Macedonia (capital city Thessaloniki). So, Evdion Hotel stands as the ideal accommodation for those looking to enjoy summer holidays in Olympus Riviera or explore Pieria and North Greece!

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