Activities in pieria - Evdion Hotel

Activities in Pieria

Swimming in the sea
Watersports through the day
Paddling in the sea at sunset
Scuba diving in the seabed
Yachting or boating from Platamonas Marina
Hiking between Nei Pori and Platamonas
Trekking on mount Olympus
Rafting, rappel, paragliding
Climbing the Meteora vertical cliffs
Offroading in the woods or at the seaside
Biking to the Pineios Delta. Birds observation
Day trips to the surroundings
(more details under Sightseeing)

Shooting in the area’s shooting club
Ultimately fresh fish dining experiences at Platamonas Port
Ultimately fresh meat dining experiences at the Taverns

Immense possibilities, for you are not just at a beach resort.

You are at the beach resort before mount Olympus.
You have chosen the Olympus Riviera.
And one is for sure. You’ll love it! Don’t miss it.

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